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1. Why install artificial grass?

ProGreen® artificial grass is here to help you make the most of your outdoor space, and spend more time relaxing with your family and friends at any time of year.

There are many reasons to install artificial grass. Not only will it save you time on lawn maintenance, it’s also:

  • Usable and lush all year round, so no slippery, muddy areas in winter or dry patches in summer
  • Doesn’t require watering
  • Aesthetically appealing and adds value to your garden

2. How is ProGreen different to other grass suppliers and installers?

ProGreen’s® artificial grass is one of the only ranges on the market to be backed with polyurethane as opposed to latex. Latex degrades more quickly because it retains water and also contracts and expands when exposed to high or low temperatures. ProGreen® is the most experienced brand in producing polyurethane products thanks to almost three decades’ heritage in the US. ProGreen® artificial grass products don’t retain water, and therefore won’t be slippery in wet weather. Finally, we are installers and manufacturers of our product and therefore have an in-depth knowledge and passion for artificial grass.

3. What else do I need to consider when installing grass?

Your qualified ProGreen® installer will assess your outdoor space on an individual basis and work with you to determine what you may require.

4. Is artificial grass suitable for small children?

Yes. ProGreen® is the only brand to make 100% lead-free artificial grass products. ProGreen® grass is also curved to ensure it is softer in texture and is also thicker in density and longer than many other artificial grasses. That helps to make it perfect for young children to play and crawl on it – no more cuts and bruises! It’s extremely durable for children to play on and is not affected by wet weather, meaning children can continue to enjoy the grass without falling over or encountering mud. If you opt for infill too, ProGreen® guarantees it’s not at all harmful if eaten.

5. Is artificial grass safe for my pets?

ProGreen® grass is 100% pet friendly. It’s also lead-free. ProGreen® is a UK distributor of ZeoFill, the best artificial grass deodoriser and heat reducing infill. It helps control urine odours by holding onto the ammonium in pet urine and preventing it from turning into a gas. When it rains, the positive ions in the water release the ammonium into the ground and then recharge the ZeoFill. ZeoFill never needs to be replaced of refilled and, if eaten, is not harmful to your pet.

6. How do I clean my artificial grass?

ProGreen® artificial grass is virtually maintenance free. An occasional brush will help to stand the grass fibres up is recommended but not necessary. Debris like leaves and twigs can be easily removed with a leaf blower or rake.

7. How long will my artificial grass last?

All our products have been scientifically designed and manufactured in-house in the USA, and subjected to the most rigorous testing to ensure they’ll stay great-looking and maintenance free, even under extreme conditions. ProGreen® grass is also UV stabilised to ensure it doesn’t degrade in extreme temperatures. Our artificial grass comes with an 8-year insured warranty, but the actual life expectancy is approximately 25 years depending on use. Additionally, we are the only company to offer a 3rd party insured warranty for artificial grass.

8. Can I install it myself?

As well as supplying the best quality product on the market, it’s professionally installed, giving you complete confidence in the product.

9. Can you install ProGreen® grass onto any surface?

Yes, we’ve developed ProGreen® artificial grass to be installed onto soil, concrete, decking, paving, balconies and sloping areas. It’s installed across a range of places from large lawns, patio areas, balconies, playgrounds and swimming pool surrounds to putting greens and golf driving ranges.

10. Will my artificial grass fade?

No. Having full control of production, we ensure our fibres have built-in UV inhibitors that we mix into the fibre/yarn resin. All ProGreen® turf is made from the highest-quality materials from our plants in the US. 11. How quickly will it be installed? Our accredited ProGreen® installers can expertly fit an average UK lawn in one day.*